What is FakeMX?

FakeMX (also known as SMTP Fake MX) is an email service that sits at the highest and lowest priority of servers for a domain and fights against the spammers.

Fake MX records can work like greylisting and often much faster. It doesn't require the installation of new software. What you do is add a fake highest and lowest MX record. Normal email will probably retry but spammers often don't.

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If you want to get rid of some spam using fake high MX records and you want to help us build a blacklist then you can use our host (ultron.sixwishlist.com and hulk.sixwishlist.com) for your fake MX record.

Add the FakeMX to your DNS MX records:

MX 10 ultron.sixwishlist.com

MX 20 mail.yourdomain.com (Your mail server)

MX 30 hulk.sixwishlist.com

...do not worry ,this service is free!

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