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That's right! Get all the features you would expect from a professional web hosting account, without the recurring fees. You pay one-time and you are set for life.

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Simple Hosting Plus

Hosting 2GB UP to 20GB - Features included:

Web Disk
Web Explorer/FTP
Web statistics
SSL Support
DNS zone management
PHP (5.4 - end of support) 5.5 / 5.6
Mod Security
Option Dropbox Backup

£1 up to £10 /One time

*Setup Fee £2

*Setup Fee - Think of it as a cup of coffee for us.

availability - 120 seconds
website space - 2GB up to 20GB
parked domains - Unlimited
sub domains - Unlimited
ftp accounts - Unlimited
email accounts - Unlimited
bandwidth - 20GB up to 200GB
databases - 10
backup - Backup/Restore Policy
SLA - 99.9%
Technical Support - Basic

By invitation only!

Availability subject to validation of your order and within the limits of available stocks.

Odin Plesk Web Host Edition

In the language of web hosting, the setup fee refers exactly to the initial fee charged by a host to set up a customer's web hosting account or just coffee for us.

If you are a target of constant DDoS attacks, do not order!

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Odin Plesk Web Host Edition