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The Inbox

Stop checking multiple inboxes. Connect all your inboxes to SiXwishlist MyBOX including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Aol and other. Your Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Webdisk are grouped together in the top on the left side, meaning you can switch between tasks in a single click.

New Message

Composing an email should be both personal and productive. With SiXwishlist MyBOX you create message with beautiful link previews and formatting options. Your WebDisk and shortcut to external document integration ,you can attach files, documents ,photos ,video and audio files hosted by Youtube, Vimeo and SoundCloud quicker than ever.

Personal Calendar

SiXwishlist Calendar has all the tools you need to help manage and organise your busy schedule. Get reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. With SiXwishlist Calendar, you can create calendar entries by clicking on the time and date when the event will be occurring. We've made it easy for you to create and label calendar entries so you can quickly keep track and manage multiple parts of your life. Calendar supports single and recurring events with reminders, can act as CalDAV server for syncing with external applications and mobile devices.

Your Contacts

Keep in touch with your personal network. Our import feature allows you to add contacts from your other email providers such as Gmail or Outlook, making it simple to switch email accounts. Maintain and organise all your contacts in one place. In the Contacts section, click Import contacts and upload a .csv or .vcf file.


SiXwishlist MyBOX gives you free storage for files, documents and photos. With free space you'll never have to worry about deleting data to save space. MyBOX mounts as a network drive (similar to iDisk) using WebDAV on Mac, Windows and Linux. This means you can use and access MyBOX as a local hard drive, edit documents using Microsoft Office, and manage files and folders using your standard file explorer.


SiXwishlist MyBOX uses the leading security technology to help keep you safe online. SSL encryption keeps your mail secure as it travels between your computer's web browser and SiXwishlist servers. This means that no matter where you are, whether you're at home or browsing your mail in a coffee shop, your mail information is kept safe.