Web Hosting

Simple Hosting

Features included:

Webmail Access MyBOX
Contacts - CardDAV
Calendar - CalDAV
Web Disk - DAV
Web Explorer/FTP
Remote access for database on request
Analysis of suspicious files VirusTotal
Web statistics
SSL Support / Free Let's Encrypt
DNS zone management
POP3 / IMAP Access
SMTP Access
Spam Filters
Mail Forwarding
Email Autoresponders
Mail Catch-all
Mail Virus Protection
Mail Spam Protection
Backup Mail on request
PHP (5.2/5.3/5.4 - end of support) 5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1
Memory Limit up to 128M
PHP max execution time up to 30s
Upload Max Filesize: 100M
.htaccess fully supported
ionCube PHP Loader
Repository (BETA)
Mod Security
Dropbox Backup (Option)
FTP Backup (Option)
Ultimate WordPress Toolkit

Just Build

Wordpress Drupal Joomla Web Hosting

Choose your CMS flavor
WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal, all with online code editors, support for dynamic sites, easy collaboration with Designers, and full app isolation for managed services providers and hosters.

The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit
The only WordPress management and security tool you’ll need to mass-manage and secure your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

WordPress staging made easy
Never make changes to a live site again. Clone your WordPress site and create a staging environment to experiment on new plugins, tweak your themes, or create custom code without risking the production site.

Achieve complex movements in simple steps
Migrate from one host to another, or synchronize changed data between multiple WordPress installations with ease.

Hewlett Packard Servers Odin Plesk Web Host Edition

Free up to £10 /year

Setup Fee £2

Availability availability
SSD Storage / SAS Storage Storage space 1GB up to 10GB
Free domain or sub domain NO
Parked domains 1
Sub domains Unlimited
FTP accounts Unlimited
Email accounts 20
Outgoing mail /Email address 10/h
Outgoing mail /Domain 50/h
Outgoing mail /Subscription 100/h
Bandwidth 10GB up to 100GB
Traffic up to 100 Hits/s
Databases 1
Daily Off-Site Backups Backup/Restore Policy
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Technical Support Basic
Hosting Panel Hosting Panel
Server Location Server Location France Paris Datacenter
Servers Specification (Soon...) Servers Specification
Auto-Scaling Auto-Scaling

Please note
If you are a target of constant DDoS attacks, do not join us!


Availability subject to validation of your order and within the limits of available stocks.

Outgoing mail limitation can be changed on request.

Max user connections / up to 100

In the language of web hosting, the setup fee refers exactly to the initial fee charged by a host to set up a customer's web hosting account or just coffee for us / or it is just a small donation for us to develop new services.

After exceeding bandwidth we can apply some limits according to fair usage policy and the service will be available at no additional cost.
Some web hosts refer to it as "Unmetered" while others name it "Unlimited". The real limitations are server memory and process usage! We have pioneered turning this often-confusing tech speak into understandable, plain English information! Our Resource Points are easy-to-follow, and we provide graphs where you can monitor your usage! It is important to remember that "unlimited" does not always indicate "oversold", so do not let anyone tell you otherwise! We monitor our servers constantly to ensure optimal operating performance.

What is Auto-Scaling?

Autoscaling is a service on our hosting platform, which enables our resources, such as memory and cpu capacity, to grow and shrink on demand.

Why do I need autoscaling?

Autoscaling enables bursting of load cpu and memory as and when required by scaling up and down. This means that you are got exactly freedom.

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