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FTP Backup

10GB UP to 9TB - Features included:

Secure File Transfer

In addition to regular FTP, we offer the ability to transfer your files securely through FTPS, at no additional cost.

Unlimited Transfers

We're well connected, with no bandwidth restrictions. Enjoy lightning fast transfers from all over the world.

Storage Panel

£2 up to £850 */year

storage space - 10GB up to 9TB
ftp accounts - 10 up to 5000
transfers - Unlimited
bandwidth - 50 Mbps up to 1 Gbps
storage panel - My SiXwishlist
SLA - 99.9%
Technical Support - Basic
*availability - 1 hour up to 5 days

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*Availability subject to validation of your order and within the limits of available stocks.

This is a FTP storage for archiving non-critical data (e.g. backups), therefore additional backups are not being done. Customer is responsible for data recovery in the event of unlikely RAID6 failure, when 3 or more hard drives fail at the same time. We recommend to duplicate important data on different storage servers.

...need more than 9TB?

If you need more space than that which is included by default or if you have any questions about FTP Storage just contact our sales department.

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